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Non-standard Modifications

Modifications other than those listed or combinations of listed modifications are available on request. Please consult factory for availability, model number and price.


The user is responsible for selection of materials used in oxygen service. Proper material selection is not sufficient for oxygen service – oxygen cleaning to remove dangerous contaminates that could cause an Oxygen Fire is also required. Eco-Vac, Inc. does not provide oxygen cleaning of any products. However, we can ship our products to other companies that provide oxygen cleaning services. Please contact Aqua Environment for details and pricing.

Sales Tax:

Applicable sales taxes will be calculated with your order. If you are reselling our products and can provide a resale certificate please contact our office to set up a tax exempt account


Shipping charges are calculated using the shipment weight and are based on UPS rates for the service selected. Rates will not be calculated on the eCommerce site but rather after the order is packaged for shipping. If you wish to be advised of the shipping charges prior to shipment, please note this in the comment section of the checkout page.

If you provide a valid UPS account number we will have shipping charges billed to that account; otherwise we can pre-pay and add the shipping charges. We do not add fees for shipping; we simply pass the UPS determined shipping cost on to the customer.

If you wish to ship via other methods please note this in the comment section of the checkout page and we will contact you to make arrangements.

Payment Methods:

Payment can be made using a Visa or MasterCard credit card, COD, wire transfer or with a check drawable from a U.S. bank. If you wish to pay via a wire transfer or check, please select the “COD” payment option and note the desired payment method in the comment section. We will contact you to make arrangements.

If you wish to set up a Net30 account please contact our facility to apply for an open account. We will need your credit information and credit references. Please do not select the “Invoice” payment option unless you have an open account with Eco-Vac, Inc.

For shipments outside the United States we require payment before shipping.


Freight charges will be added to any order. Any additional charges incurred due to customer supplied information, such as but not limited to incorrect/invalid UPS account number or shipping address will be the responsibility of the customer.

No allowance will be made for cartage at destination or custom charges.

Packaging and Marking:

Customer-specified packaging or marking may be subject to additional charges not otherwise included in the price of the products.

Returned Goods:

Please call or email for return authorization. See warranty section for details regarding product warranty.


All or any part of any order of standard items accepted by Aqua Environment may be canceled without charge if written instructions are received at the factory prior to shipment. Be advised that most standard items are shipped the next business day.

Special orders may not be canceled unless purchaser agrees to remit to Aqua Environment an amount, to be determined by Aqua Environment, covering costs, etc. incurred up to the point that such a cancellation notice is received in writing.

Loss or Damage in Transit:

Our responsibility ceases with the delivery to the carrier, at which time title passes to the purchaser and all claims for loss, damage, and delay must be made to the carrier by the purchaser. We will provide assistance such as shipping documents and tracking information upon request.


Orders are accepted with the understanding that the goods will be billed at prices, in U.S. dollars, in effect at the time of shipment unless otherwise specified in a quotation.


The amount of any present or future sales or similar tax applicable to the material sold hereunder shall be added to the prices contained in the order and paid by the purchaser in the same manner and with the same effect as if originally added to the order.

Promise Dates:

Any promise dates applicable to an order or shipment of all or any part of said order, whether given prior to or after placement of said order, are determined to the best of our ability but are in NO WAY GUARANTEED. Aqua Environment is not responsible for any damages, losses, or claims whatsoever due to inability to meet such promises.

Clerical Errors:

All clerical errors are subject to correction. Aqua Environment cannot be held responsible for processing errors occurring due to illegible or conflicting information on customer’s purchase orders.

Catalog Specifications:

Catalog weights and dimensions are careful estimates but are not guaranteed. Operational specifications for the products are accurate to the best of our ability. Please contact the factory if you discover any discrepancy between our specifications and the product.

Consequential Damage:

Anything to the contrary, herein contained notwithstanding, Aqua Environment shall not be liable for any consequential, contingent or incidental damages whatsoever.


We reserve the right to make any technical improvement that may alter price, size, appearance, packaging, and/or design without notice.